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Quality Management

About the role of the quality control department in the company


Quality Control in ALSAEED Company

ISO quality management practices are subject to continuous inspection. The vision of the supply chain from start to destination is of paramount importance when you believe in how much we believe in how to manage our business.

Our supply chain management has long experience in planning, forecasting and complex global logistics solutions.

Our team has experience in importing goods under various licenses and quotas. We have accurate knowledge of customs and other government / cross-border procedures. We guarantee the integrity of the supply chain and maintain the integrity of the product throughout the life of the product.

Our strength lies in the flexibility of our logistics solutions that offer different storage and transportation options.

Make sure that our products – from the source – as well as each component adheres to very high ethical standards – are not a small task. Rigorous checks by independent auditors and food auditors mean that each stage of the process is documented.

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