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We Are Proud Of Belonging To The Most Prestigious Group Of Companies In YEMEN

The HSA Group

From humble beginnings in the small rural village of Qaradh, some 35 kilometers south of the city of Taiz, the founders of HSA Group became the most prominent family business in the Arab region.

The Group operates in various business activities around the world as a multinational company and manages companies in different economic sectors.

The vision on which the group was founded included the principle of maintaining a well-balanced and diversified investment portfolio. The group has therefore established well founded core businesses with a diverse of products that exist in many countries around the world.

The Group was established in 1938 by the Brothers descended of Saeed Anam family, (the late / Mohamed Saeed Anam, the late / Abdo Saeed Anam, the late / Hayel Saeed Anam and the late / Jazem Saeed Anam). Since inception the Group gained a good reputation in the world of finance & business due to the strong commitment to its inherent values, and keenness on maintaining the highest quality and operational efficiency always even under difficult circumstances.

The Group strives to continually provide the highest product quality to its consumers whilst maintaining constant growth by seeking attractive investment opportunities that expand its core business activities, to flourish in the economies of different countries, and add value to both individuals and societies.

Core Business Activities

The Commercial, manufacturing and service activities are the main pillars of the Group's business continuation and growth. Manufacturing as cornerstone activity with various products edible oils, dairy products, biscuits, confectionery, flour milling, sugar refining, carton, printing & packaging, and cement production etc. Contributed on marketing Group’s name regionally & globally ,and the result of this can be witnessed with our current existence of our FMCG products in several countries around the world, which reflects the excellence and recognition of our products.

We Are Proud To Belong

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